2015 Masters: Tiger Woods Returns to the PGA in Augusta

2015 Masters: Tiger Woods Returns to the PGA in AugustaAs viewers tune in on Thursday to watch the 2015 Masters at Augusta, many eyes will be focused on Tiger Woods. Woods will return to the links this Thursday after dropping out of the tour last year citing back issues.

After injury and back surgery kept Tiger from playing in last year’s Masters and took him out for most of the 2014 season, Tiger announced in February he was taking a break to heal from his injury and work on his game.

With the unexpected announcement that he will play in the 2015 Masters this week, the question on everyone’s mind – is Tiger’s back really ready?

The Masters will air on CBS this weekend, and PGA golf fans will be able to also tune in to watch a live video stream of the Masters online courtesy of CBS sports.

Many have speculated that much of Tiger’s exit from golf last year was as much mental as it was physical.

At the start of the season, Woods was reported to be healthy and ready to play, but it seemed that when his game started to fall short of expectations, he began to limp and eventually took himself out.

Either way, Tiger Woods’ return to golf at the Masters in Augusta this week will most certainly result in an increase in viewership for the tournament.

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