Annual Sun-n-Fun Fly-in and Airshows just Over a Week Away

Annual Sun-n-Fun Fly-in and Airshows just Over a Week AwayIn just a matter of days, Lakeland Florida will once again become the temporary Mecca of aviation as the flying community, and thousands of spectator, descend on the area creating the 2nd largest airshow and fly-in in the world known as Sun-n-Fun.

The 2014 Sun-n-Fun fly-in will take place from April 1-6 and marks the 40th anniversary of the legendary fly-in and aviation expo. Much more than just an airshow, a fly-in is an opportunity for pilots and aircraft owners of all types and sizes to fly their aircraft into the festival and enjoy 6 days of airshow performances and so much more.

The Blue Angels, the U.S. Navy’s aerobatic team, will be performing in their F-18 Hornets on Friday, Saturday and Sunday – the final three days of Sun-n-sun.

But the Blue Angels are just one of many airshow performers scheduled to fly during the daily airshow performances at Sun-n-Fun. A full schedule of events is available online from, but typically the airshows run from around mid-day to 5pm. However there are night airshow performances on some nights as well.

In addition to the airshows, the event is truly an aviation lovers paradise with exhibitors, aircraft of display including everything from General Aviation to Experimental to War Birds of every era of flight, and much more.

For kids, aircraft builders, and others interested in aviation education, there are a variety of hands-on workshops and seminars to attend each day.

Come for the day, or stay for the week. Campers are welcome at Sun-n-sun with areas for tents, RV’s and overnight airplane parking of course.

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