Apple Expected to Unveil iOS 8 and other Features at 2014 WWDC Today

Apple Expected to Unveil iOS 8 and other Features at 2014 WWDC TodayApple info is the buzz today as many await the keynote address by Apple CEO Tim Cook at the 2014 World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC), scheduled for 1pm eastern time.

Analysts are expecting, among other things, that Apple will unveil the latest version of their operating system for iphone and ipads, iOS 8. The upgrade is expected to include many new user features including one to help track and report on the users health called “healthbook” and changes to iTunes Radio.

Also possible for release today at the WWDC in San Francisco is a update to the MacOS which will give users a more tablet-like usability for their Mac desktop and laptop machines.

By the end of the day the their will undoubtedly be a number of 2014 WWDC videos to watch online, as well as a flood of information explaining what can be expected from Apple coming out of the conference.

No new hardware platforms or changes are expected today. All experts feel that any such innovations would be held back for release in the Fall.

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