‘Bikini Bridge’ Pictures and Videos Surge in Searches Online

‘Bikini Bridge’ Pictures and Videos Surge in Searches OnlineSeveral media outlets are reporting stories on what appears to be the latest measure ot being thin. Knows as the ‘Bikini Bridge’ self-pictures and videos posted by individuals are popping up online and on video sites like youtube.

The Bikini Bridge pictures and videos show what by definition is the “bikini bottoms that are suspended between the two hip bones, causing a space between the bikini and the lower abdomen”.

Photo sharing sites, in addition to youtube videos are constantly growing with the number of these Bikini Bridge postings growing quickly.

Not everyone is a fan of these Bikini Bridge images however. In one report found online from the Sydney Morning Herald, Louise Adams, a clinical psychologist specialising in eating disorders and body image refers to as a “tsunami of negative images”.

“Thanks to social media, it’s easy for something like this to become a trend so quickly and it’s just another example of the objectification of women and their bodies,” she says.

“Social media creates competitiveness between other women. We know this largely effects younger women and this is exactly who is using these sites. This is a generation who have grown up with social media and at the same time, eating disorder figures have doubled. We can’t point the finger squarely at social media, but it’s hard to ignore the enormous increase alongside its popularity,” Adams says.

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