Climate Change Mitigation Program in Europe Receives Over €100 Million Investment

Climate Change Mitigation Program in Europe Receives Over €100 Million InvestmentDuring the “Education and Business for Innovation: Acting Together” panel discussion at the European Business Summit 2014, Climate-KIC, the European Union’s main climate innovation initiative, unveiled over €100 million in funding, over the next four years, for long-term programs which aim to mitigate the effects, and slow the rate of climate change.

The agency announced that it is supporting four new innovative programs across Europe. The new programs, which begin this year, incorporate a variety of research, innovation and entrepreneurship in areas which include Sustainable urban environments, Climate-friendly homes and offices, Exploiting CO2 as a resource, and Catastrophe models for the finance industry.

Mary Ritter, Climate-KIC Chief Executive Officer, said: “More than ever climate change is high on the agenda. These new flagship initiatives are long-term multimillion programs that will provide focus and impact for Climate-KIC’s approach to climate change mitigation and adaptation.”

“These innovation programs enable us to expand our work with climate experts, educators and innovative entrepreneurs across Europe to address climate change mitigation and adaptation – and shape the world’s next economy.”

Further details on each of the four flagship climate change programs are available online at

Partners involved in the climate change initiative include Imperial College London, ARIA, CEA/IPSL, CLIMPACT/METNEXT, Delft University of Technology, Deltares, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research.

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