Energy Savers Guide: Tips on Saving Money and Energy at Home from U.S. DOE

U.S. Department of Energy, DOE, Energy Savers Guide, energy saving tipsThe U.S. Department of Energy has released an Energy Savers Guide, a free publication for homeowners which provides tips for saving money and energy at home and on the road. The publication is filled with simple, easy to follow tips which can save money while making your home more comfortable and easier to heat and cool.

Among the information provided in the free energy savings guide are some of the most current information related to energy-saving and energy efficient technologies. Tips also focus on the use of green and renewable energy for providing power to your home.

“Right in your own home, you have the power to save money and energy. Saving energy reduces our nation’s overall demand for resources needed to make energy, and increasing your energy efficiency is like adding another clean energy source to our electric power grid.”

The Energy Savings Guide is free to download from the U.S. Department of Energy web site. The internet link to download the PDF version of the energy guide is:

The DOE has a number of links and additional information available on their web site which is designed to help Americans save money by reducing their energy costs and consumption. To read more energy saving tips from the DOE, visit them online at:

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