GESAB Delivers Ergonomics, Innovation, Design and Technology for Control Centers

GESAB control centerWhen it comes to designing control rooms, industry specialists GESAB believe these should be the basic principles that are front and center of everything you need. It’s these four pillars of Control rooms and command centers projects that enable GESAB to provide the perfect results for organizations all over the world.

If you are looking for a comprehensive solution for your control center requirements, recommend you look for the most innovative, functional and high-quality service to ensure the results your organization is looking for.GESAB control center

GESAB has established a market leading position over the past 25 years, thanks to its multidisciplinary team of first-class designers, creative architects, and experienced engineers. The company’s approach is global, and its flexibility allows them to offer 360° solutions for every project and client.

All projects benefit from an extensive research phase that identifies a customer’s needs to ensure the highest quality of execution. GESAB will look at all your requirements, and use its, their extensive knowledge and comprehension of ergonomics, lighting, design, and interiors to create a control center that is a flagship for your organization.

Every project is unique, and GESAB place a high priority on developing talented teams that will be able to create something that is the perfect mix of functionality and character, while at the same time focusing on providing a productive space for your control center teams to excel.

The idea of the perfect control room will vary from organization to organization. Of course, but there are important factors to consider that will ensure your control room is productive, safe, ergonomics, complying with all the international regulations, and working with optimal functionality. GESAB works with its clients to establish the perfect project, from the conceptualization period to the final execution. The company uses the most advanced technology available, and ensures it is integrated into each client’s systems and workspaces subtly, and unique to the needs of the project goals.

Design lines are minimal to avoid disruption and improve the appearance of each individual control room. Cable is tucked away safely to ensure a sound ergonomic environment that is free of obstruction and untidiness. GESAB also place s a high value on its systems accessibility, which is essential for everyday tasks such as maintenance and cleaning. The company follows Standard ISO 11064 guarantees compliance to ensure every aspect of safety is covered, and GESAB ensures that everything from conditioning, lighting and acoustic environments to air quality and vibration control are all taken care of, too.

GESAB understand s that the perfect control room has to put its operators as the primary axis for everything that takes place in the work space. It is essential that all control consoles, seating, and occupational ergonomics are perfect to allow operators a safe and comfortable environment that allows them the opportunity to be productive.

Whatever size your organization, it is important to choose a perfect partner for the concept, design, and execution of your control room. GESAB sees the control center as the beating heart of your organization, and have the know-how, experience, and capacity to help businesses and agencies of all sizes, anywhere in the world.

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