Glenn Beck Leaving Fox News TV Show

In a joint statement from his company, Mercury Radio Arts, and Fox News, it was announced that Glenn Beck’s show on Fox News will be cancelled later this year. Beck, who has been very controversial since his move from CNN to Fox in 2009, has come under fire from many groups claiming that his actions and commentary are divisive at a time when the country needs unity.

Opponents of Beck include organizations such as and Media Matters.
These and other groups are responsible for consumer boycotts which have led to a loss of hundreds of advertisers. In addition to the loss in advertisers, Fox has also seen ratings for Beck’s television show drop by about 30 percent since its high of 2.8 million in 2009. For fans, Beck will still broadcast his radio show and continue promoting his best-selling books.

Fox and Beck are still on good terms and are still planning to work together on future projects. The most common reason cited for the departure is the loss in advertisers and pressure on Fox News claiming that it was no longer focused on unbiased reporting of the news and had become a tool for the Republican Party.

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