LeBron James to Ink 2-Year Deal with the Cleveland Cavaliers

LeBron James to Ink 2-Year Deal with the Cleveland Cavaliers The sports world was buzzing on Friday with talks of LeBron James and his impending return to Cleveland. Now it appears that the move will happen as the NBA star will reportedly sign a 2-year deal with the Cavaliers.

This morning, the USA Today is reporting that LeBron James will be signing a deal worth $42.2 million with the Cleveland Cavaliers, based on information from a person familiar with details of the deal.

For Cleveland fans concerned about LeBron leaving again, the report indicated that those close to the situation indicated that James is still intent on playing out the rest of his career with the Cavs.

While there was reportedly a four-year contract worth more than $88 million on the table, James opted for the shorter term in hopes of being able to negotiate a better contract in two years, based on upcoming changes in TV revenue deals.

At the conclusion of the 2015-16 NBA season, the league’s current television deals with the networks of ABC, ESPN and TNT is set to expire. With Fox Sports expected to enter into the bidding for the broadcast rights, the revenue to the league and to the players is expected to rise substantially as will the league’s salary cap.

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