Long Promised ‘Flying Cars’ are Here at Last

Long Promised ‘Flying Cars’ are Here at LastFor decades now Hollywood and cartoons have promised a future with flying cars, and now, at long last, it appears that one manufacturer will finally be delivering on that promise.

According to a report in Popular Science, beginning in 2017, Slovakian company AeroMobil plans to begin sales of a production model of their flying car. The AeroMobil 3.0, which the company unveiled in 2014, is a car/plane hybrid which can be seen in this amazing video below.

As can be seen in the video, the AeroMobil flying car keeps its carbon fiber wings tucked in, while in ‘car’ mode. When ready to take to the skies, it unfolds its wings, and can take off from a grass or paved runway with as little as 600 feet.

Juraj Vaculik, co-founder and CEO of AeroMobil laid out the company’s vision at the South By Southwest 2015 film festival. Vaculik explained that their goal is to make medium-distance travel much less of a hassle.

Trips in the 400 mile range typically require as much time at an airport and on an airplane as one would spend driving the distance. This Flying Roadster aims to solve that problem by reducing the cost and time of such travel.

While the flying cars will be available for purchase within 2 years, they won’t be cheap. Likely a few hundred thousand dollars, it’s a price similar to that of most small General Aviation aircraft.

While anyone can buy the AeroMobil, it will still require a pilot’s license to fly one.

As far as performance, the 2 passenger vehicle runs on regular gasoline with a driving range of 545 miles and a top speed of 99 mph. In the air, it flies as fast as 124 mph, with a range of 435 miles.

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