Millions Watch Video as Black Range Rover Runs over Bikers in NYC

watch-video-black-range-rover-runs-over-bikers-nyc-youtube-motercyclesA video posted to Youtube shows a black Range Rover running over a group of bikers in New York City recently. The video, filmed by one of the motorcycle riders wearing a helmet camera, has received over 4 million views on Youtube so far.

The national media has picked up on the story since the motorcycle video went viral and is also showing the video on television.

The Range Rover vs. NYC Bikers video (which can be watched below) begins showing the large group of bikers surrounding and stopping the driver of the Range Rover.

Reportedly, in fear, the driver takes off, running over several of the bikers in the process. The rest of the motorcycle riders pursue the driver of the Range Rover for several minutes.

At one point, the driver is stopped by the groups of riders again, and then flees when one of the motorcycle riders attempts to open his door.

Eventually, the SUV driver is stopped in traffic. Several of the bikers take this opportunity to bash through driver’s window with their helmet in an attempt to attack the driver.

What is missing from this video, is the footage leading up to the initial stop of the Range Rover by the bikers, and what happened after they broke the window at the end of the video.

As they investigate, undoubtedly police will review the additional video to help determine whether the driver acted legally, in fear for his life, in taking off and driving over and injuring some of the bikers in the process.

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