New Device Could Accurately Determine Speed Using Special Relativity

New Device Could Accurately Determine Speed Using Special RelativityResearch Scientist Allan Zade recently filed a patent application with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in Geneva, Switzerland for what is referred to as ‘A Signal Medium Motion measurement apparatus and Operation Supporting Methods.’

A technology which potentially offers a wide array of opportunities for business and science, Zade explains, “There is wide implication of these findings that’s never used before.”

“The apparatus can be used for accurate determination of air and water crafts speed of motion relative to its surrounding medium air or water. This would work regardless of medium condition like pressure, temperature, salinity or extreme condition like a frozen aircraft surface.”

The technology utilizes Special Relativity in that it determines motion and relative speed from the transformation of a Round-Trip light beam experiment.

Mr. Mohit Kumar Singh, Assistant Professor, ECE Department of R. D. Engineering College Ghaziabad, Coordinator of National Seminar on Z-Theory & Its Applications held in the College, 2013 said, “the patent application has strong relationship with Allan Zade’s research that was earlier published in UK and US in the form of a book titled ‘Z-Theory and its Applications’ (ISBN-13 978-1452018935). The theory examines many questions of Space, Time and Motion of every kind.”

The patent application describes in detail the possibility for what is referred to as a “True Space-Velocity Detector (TSVD),” as well as methods that should be used to make measurements.

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