New Mobile App and Device Aims to Protect Your Wheels

New Mobile App and Device Aims to Protect Your WheelsOne of the most recent issues in automotive theft centers around vehicle wheels. To help curb this threat and help drivers protect their investment, a group of former Nokia developers got together to form Project Overlord.

Through an IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign, the team is unveiling RimTech – a Wheel Anti-Theft Tracking Device & Mobile App. The team hopes to leverage the campaign to hopefully bring their innovation to market and “stop wheel theft in its tracks!”

New Mobile App and Device Aims to Protect Your Wheels
According to a 2012 Yahoo! News article, “Tires and wheels offer a near-perfect combination of attributes to thieves. They’re easy to haul, quick to remove, untraceable on online auction or classified sites, and frequently usable on several different vehicles, with a value that can hit $3,000 a set.”

A patent-pending anti-theft technology, the RimTech tracking device and mobile app will alert vehicle owners when their wheels have been tampered with, and will track the owner’s wheels to the theft location within 10 feet.

With a targeted launch date of October 2015, the hope is that when RimTech is brought to market, it will thwart thousands of wheel thefts in cities across the U.S. and eventually worldwide.

To find out more about the product and potentially assist the team with their funding campaign, visit Project Overlord’s IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign.

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