Premier League: Watch Live Online Video Streams of Every Match Free

Premier League: Watch Live Online Video Streams of Every Match FreeIt’s another full day of Premier League soccer Saturday with 7 matches – beginning with Manchester United vs. Aston Villa at 8am eastern. The action continues with another 2 games on Sunday. While some games will air live on NBCSN, the only way to watch all Premier League games is online via a free live and replay video stream.

The Crystal Palace vs. Chelsea match airs on NBCSN, and online, at 10:45am – as does, Arsenal vs. Manchester City at 1pm, but to watch Southampton vs. Newcastle, Stoke City vs. Hull City, Swansea vs. Norwich, or West Brom vs. Cardiff, all playing at 11am, you’ll have to watch online.

This is how to watch all Premier League games online free:

In addition to their television coverage of sports, NBCSN has also created a free live online video streaming service, which includes sports like the Premier League.

Known as NBC Live Extra, the platform lets viewers watch live and replay video of sports online, either by accessing the content directly on their computer or laptop, or by downloading the free app, and streaming the video to their mobile device, smart phone or tablet.

From there, viewers need only select their television provider from a list of those who are in partnership with NBC to provide the video stream of shows and sports directly online.

While it is certainly advantageous to be able to watch the Premier League games online, especially when on the go using a mobile device, the other key advantage is the video replays. Because several games often play at the same time, or overlap, watching a replay online is one of the only ways to watch every game.

The schedule of Premier League play on Sunday (3/30/14) features 2 great matches. First up is Fulham vs. Everton at 8am eastern, followed by Liverpool vs. Tottenham at 10:30am. Both of these games can be seen on NBCSN on television, or via the Live Extra stream.

Also, to enhance their coverage of Premier League soccer, NBCSN features what they consider the “Premier League: Match of the Day”, usually around 11pm after all of the games of the day have played out.

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