Santa’s Reindeer Cam Catches Grinch in Live Online Video

watch-santas-reindeer-cam-online-live-videoSo if you every wanted to see Santa’s Reindeer when they are not actively pulling the sleigh, there appears to be an online live video stream directly from the North Pole.

The live feed is free and lets kids watch Santa’s Reindeer online. The reindeer spend most of the day walking around in the snow and feeding – likely storing up their energy for the big night, now just days away.

Earlier today, the Reindeer Cam caught what appears to be the Grinch sneaking around the reindeer stable dressed up in a Santa Suit.

While it was hard to see exactly what the Grinch was up to, he ran around the edge of the fence and appeared to be picking up items and putting them into a sack.

In addition to watching Santa’s Reindeer on the Reindeer Cam, kids can also watch a list of names scroll on “today’s nice list” at the bottom of the screen.

To watch the reindeer and possible catch a glimpse of the Grinch, or anyone else who just might show up, go online to

reindeer-camWhile we were writing this article, a television news crew was also seen on the cam apparently filming a story – perhaps covering the recent word that the Grinch was on the loose.

If you catch sight of the Grinch, or anything else interesting on the Reindeer Cam, be sure to share it.

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