Spaceship Earth Grants Paves Way for Private Suborbital Spaceflights

Spaceship Earth Grants Paves Way for Private Suborbital SpaceflightsEver wished you could travel into space? One company is dedicated to making that happen through a competition.

Spaceship Earth Grants has created a competition, open to millions, to select some lucky winners who will be able to catch a ride into space as we described in a previous article (Enter Global Spaceflight Contest – Organization wants to send Civilians like You into Space).

Spaceship Earth Grants Paves Way for Private Suborbital Spaceflights
In an announcement today, the organization has issued some new information about their program. “As 2014 comes to a close, Spaceship Earth Grants is thrilled to announce we are developing an exciting partnership that will allow us to provide at least one suborbital spaceflight regardless of how many applicants enter the competition.

Once this is finalized, we will also be able to accept applications from New York, Florida and Quebec.

In order to incorporate this new development, we are temporarily pausing the Spaceship Earth Grants competition while we work to launch a new website and an enhanced competition.

The competition will reopen with the launch of the new website on March 14th, 2015 with the application deadline extended to June 14, 2015. Current applicants will be automatically re-enrolled (no action necessary).

Please stay tuned as we share this and more exciting news in the new year and stay connected with the Spaceship Earth Grants community on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.”

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