Top 2013 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Apps Make Discount Deals Comparison Shopping Easier

Top 2013 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Apps Make Discount Deals Comparison Shopping EasierOnce again technology is changing a long tradition. This year as shoppers prepare to embark on the shopping frenzy that is Black Friday and Cyber Monday – there’s an App for that.

The top comparison shopping Apps for 2013 Black Friday and Cyber Monday are making it easier for consumers to find the best discounts and deals. Using a shopping app designed for holiday shopping makes it easier to plan a shopping strategy and ensure that consumers get the best deals.

A number of retailers and 3rd party vendors have released apps for use on both the iOS and Android operating system. Amazon, largest of the online retailers and currently running a Black Friday Deals Week promo, has announced its Amazon Price Check app.

Using this app while shopping in a store, consumers can find out right away, by scanning an item, whether they could get a better deal and save money by buying it online at

Another popular comparison shopping App, perfect for Black Friday shopping, is called PriceGrabber. The app works by comparing the price of an item that you scan in one store to the same item in several other stores – letting you know where to buy for the best price.

To get some great 2013 Black Friday coupons to enhance the shopping sales, an app known as Shopular will provides access to coupons while you shop. Using this app, an alert pops up in real-time while shopping to let you know about a deal around you.

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