Watch American Idol Finale Online Video Stream as Season 13 Winner is Revealed

Watch American Idol Finale Online Video Stream as Season 13 Winner is RevealedIt has all come down to this. The finale of season 13 of American Idol airs tonight where the season’s winner will be revealed. In addition to watching the show on FOX, fans can watch the American Idol finale online via a live and replay video stream from the network.

Watching American Idol online has been an easy way to keep up with the latest Idol cuts from auditions, to Hollywood week, and now to tonight’s American Idol finale. To see who be the winner and crowned the next American Idol, download the free apps or access the American where there are endless video streams and content.

Watch American Idol Online Finale and Winner Results Show Online::

In addition to watching the American Idol video on the web site, fans can also download the American Idol app. The Idol app allows them to watch American Idol online video from their mobile smart phone or tablet computer.

Additionally, using the American Idol app allows the viewers to participate live online during the show providing their feedback on Idol performances and other interactive online features.

All season the show called it the “ultimate companion experience to America’s favorite singing competition,” as the Idol App lets fans “watch and share on-demand videos, join the conversation, and be the first to get the latest IDOL™ news on your tablet or mobile device.”

So who will win tonight? Who did you vote for? We’ll soon find out.

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