Watch CNN Live Stream: Coverage of Post – Election Issues and Protests

Watch CNN Live Stream: Coverage of Post - Election Issues and ProtestsIn the wake of a highly contested election for President it is clear that the country is heavily divided over the results. With Clinton winning the popular vote, but losing in the electoral math, many are feeling disenfranchised. To follow all of the most recent developments throughout the day, millions are watching CNN live stream and Fox News live stream online.

Top news streaming on CNN and Fox in this post-election environment is coverage of the anti-Trump protests around the country as well as the selections that Trump is making for his cabinet.

Watch Live Stream of CNN and Fox News Online

Watch CNN Live Stream: Coverage of Post - Election Issues and Protests
For viewers who want to watch a live video stream news from CNN and Fox online using a mobile device, download the free mobile app from each network.

If watching from a computer in your home or office, the CNN and Fox News live video stream is available via a web browser directly from the web sites. No download is needed, but in either case you may need to select your television provider to be authenticated and gain access to the free live stream.

Since Trump was declared the winner in the Presidential election, many cities have seen protests. For the most part these protests have been peaceful. However in Oakland and most recently in Seattle last night, police were forced to use tear gas and other methods to disperse the protesters when they began to vandalize property and turn violent and threaten police officers.

In other news, with 70 days left until Trump will take office, he and his team are at his headquarters in New York going through the process of selecting is cabinet and other members of his administration.

Fox News and CNN are putting all of this post-election coverage at the top of their broadcast every day. Thanks to the free online live stream from both network, viewers can watch from mobile devices and computers from virtually anywhere.

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