Watch Live Video: Dr. MacNeill takes the stand in Murder Trial

Watch Live Video: Dr. MacNeill takes the stand in Murder TrialToday, Dr. Martin MacNeil is scheduled to take the stand in his highly publicized murder trial. In addition to the live television coverage from HLN, viewers will watch the live online video coverage of the MacNeill murder trial live today and see Dr. MacNeil on the witness stand.

The live video stream from the courtroom is available for our readers to watch below. The live video feed begins at at 8:30 a.m. each day, and will show the seal of the state of Utah when they are one break.

Dr. Martin MacNeill will take the witness stand today in his own defense of the first-degree murder charges against him. MacNeil is accused of killing his wife, possibly by drowning her in a bathtub in 2007.

Watch the live video stream of the Dr. Martin MacNeill murder trial here below:

The Dr.’s wife was found in the tub and her death was initially ruled a heart attack. But later evidence indicates that he may have contributed to her death.

According to reports, MacNeill had been having an affair with the family’s nanny prior to his wife’s death.

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