Watch Video: Donald Sterling’s Racist Comments Draw Fire

Watch Video: Donald Sterling's Racist Comments Draw FireMedia reports have flooded the airwaves and online reports following the NBC Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s racist comments caught on audio recording. TMZ broke the story which has since spread like wildfire.

Online video reports on Donald Sterling’s comments and the fall-out are now topping internet searches, social media, and other online news reports.

Watch Clipper’s Donald Sterling racist comments video report below

New video, released online, show the response from the NBA Commissioner, the league and many well known NBA players.

In another report from TMZ, the news agency reported the Sterling “has agreed that he will not attend his playoff game tomorrow in Golden State” while the NBA officials continue to investigate the audio tape of Sterling arguing with his girlfriend during which his racist comments occurred.

These comments were gathered during a news conference in Memphis by NBA commissioner Adam Silver, who called Sterling’s comments on the audio tape “truly offensive and disturbing.”

The league is taking the next several days to complete their investigation, which will include an interview with Sterling and his girlfriend.

The reaction of NBA fans is much the same as that of many former and current NBA players which have said that Sterling should be suspended or perhaps removed as an owner in the NBA.

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