Watch Video: French Gymnast Breaks Leg at Rio Olympics

Watch Video: French Gymnast Breaks Leg at Rio OlympicsThe internet and Youtube have been buzzing with Olympic activity this week. Most recently a big spike in traffic is from viewers who are trying to watch a video of the French gymnast who broke his leg during the vault competition.

Media outlets are reporting that French gymnast Samir Ait Said suffered a broken lower leg early in the competition during qualifying rounds on the vault at the 2016 Olympic games in Rio.

Watch Video as French Gymnast breaks leg at Rio Olympics

We should caution viewers that the video may be difficult to watch as the break is severe and traumatic.

Medical teams carried Samir out of the arena on a stretcher after the accident. On his way out, the gymnast gave a wave to the crowd.

Reports from the team indicated that the he broke the tibia and fibula and would be going into surgery to properly set the bones and apply a cast.

Samir said that he was grateful to the fans for their support and that he is hoping to return to the Olympics in 2020 which will be held in Tokyo.

The leg break was blamed on an awkward landing after Samir completed two back flips during the vault.

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