Watch Video: Pregnant Mother Drives Van with Children into Ocean in Daytona Beach – Bystanders Save Children

Watch Video: Pregnant Mother Drives Children into Ocean in Daytona BeachOn Thursday of this week, the news broke of a pregnant mother, Ebony Wilkerson, who drove her van, with her 3 children, into the ocean in Daytona Beach Florida. Since the reports aired on local central Florida news stations, the video has gone viral and has been re-broadcast on national news outlets.

We have posted the video below to allow our viewers to watch the mother driving the van into the ocean, and to see the bystanders who quickly rushed in to save the 3 young children trapped in the van by the pounding surf.

Watch youtube video of mother driving van with children into the ocean in Daytona Beach

As can be seen in the video, the children were pulled to safety just moments before it was too late. The van is actually being lifted and tossed around by the waves of the ocean.

Without regard for their own safety, the individuals ran into to rescue the children, but could have easily become trapped if the van had been knocked over by the heavy surf in Daytona Beach.

A 911 call from the disturbed mother’s sister was recorded just moments before the incident. The sister reportedly told police that she was concerned about her sister who she said had been speaking about demons.

Wilkerson has now been charged with 3 counts of attempted murder as well as 3 counts of child abuse. According to reports, all three children are healthy and are currently staying with relatives.

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