Website Lets Fans Access Luxury Suites and Tickets for Super Bowl

While finding tickets for the Super Bowl and other sporting events can often be a challenge, one web site may have a solution which lets fans get tickets and enjoy the comfort of a Luxury Suite.

While the cost of owning a suite for an entire season would be too much for many, SuiteHop offers a way to let owners offer their suites up for events to individuals or groups who want to attend select events – like Super Bowl XLIX.

Website Lets Fans Access Luxury Suites and Tickets for Super Bowl
The site has created an on online marketplace for luxury suites at sport and entertainment venues across the United States, allows users to directly book entire suites or individual seats in suites that would have otherwise gone unused.

“The market for tickets and suites for this year’s Super Bowl has been unprecedentedly strong. Multiple factors are at play, most significantly the smaller capacity of University of Phoenix Stadium compared to last year at MetLife Stadium,” says SuiteHop CEO, Todd Lindenbaum.

“With 218 suites in 2014, compared with less than 100 this year, almost all suites were allocated to NFL sponsors. The few that were available on the market sold out last week at prices ranging from $270k to $375k. With the cheapest tickets on the market currently above $4k per ticket, these suites traded at a modest 2 to 5 times the “get in” cost.”

SuiteHop was created by Sport Shares, a private club that grants members access to all-inclusive suites, first class member services and in-suite dedicated concierges.

With more than a decade of experience working with suites and venues the company recognized an opportunity to fill a niche – allowing fans to book full private suites, and in some cases, individual seats in suites across North America.

In addition to this Sunday’s Super Bowl, SuiteHop has suite options from across the country for events that range from top sporting events including MLB, NFL, NHL to concerts from leading musicians such as Paul McCartney, Katy Perry and Justin Timberlake.

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