Elance founder unveils new TeamChat solution for Businesses

Elance founder unveils new TeamChat solution for BusinessesSometimes digging through the clutter of a popular message or email thread can make it difficult and time consuming to understand the conversation and develop a reply. The solution may have arrived in something called TeamChat.

Created by Beerud Sheth, the founder of Elance, TeamChat is an easy to use messaging app designed to make business teams more efficient and productive with the innovative in-message smart-forms technology.

Breaking through the chaos that comes when multiple people are engaged in the same thread, TeamChat makes messages clutter-free by summarizing and organizing the responses into an easily read thread.

According to Webaroo, the parent company of TeamChat, the app, “enables businesses to end the chaotic nature of endless email and message replies and instead use what Beerud calls “chatlets” — programmable chat-applets that can summarize message replies in an extended multiple party conversation.”

Thus far, the company has received $10 million in VC funds from Charles River Ventures and that funding is being used to launch TeamChat nationally now.

Delivering a seamless and secure means of business communication, TeamChat has raised the bar on data security, providing complete, cloud-based encryption, ensuring users that their data is secure at all times.

Already in use by some of the largest companies throughout Asia, including Axa, Thomas Cook and Unilever, the app is now launching in the U.S. as a free app, with a freemium option for larger corps. For more information visit: www.teamchat.com.

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