‘Star Size Comparison’ Youtube Video Show How Small We Really Are

‘Star Size Comparison’ Youtube Video Show How Small We Really AreA video, which is getting thousands of views, likes and tweets on social media, show just how small we and our planet Earth are in the grand scale of the universe. Credit for the “Star Size Comparison” Youtube video goes to a user called morn1415.

Since its posting the video has received over 11.5 million views, with 75,000 likes and over 30,000 comments on Youtube. We have included the video below for our reader to watch online as well.

Watch ‘Star Size Comparison HD’ Youtube video below

Among other things, the video give us all an idea of how much bigger our sun is than even the largest planet in our solar system. But then it also shows just how small out sun is compared to other stars in the galaxy.

Finally, we learn just how small we all are, and how vast is our universe. Clearly, as the video states, we are not the center of the universe.

This video is a must see for educators and their students when it comes to space science education.

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