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It’s that time of the year where the holiday spirt flows happily through our veins. The fall colors, the crispy cool air and decorations that nature has given us, announce that Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Families get excited to make plans and reunited with their loves ones, to have a wonderful time giving thanks and enjoying the richness of traditional good food.

Being part of the U.S., Puerto Rico has adopted the beautiful tradition of Thanksgiving. Even though every year nature forgets to gives us the announcement of such a nice autumn feel and weather, the spirit of giving thanks lies within our hearts. With the same excitement we plan to get together and enjoy tradition with a magnificent latin flavor in each recipe.

The Puerto Rican traditional turkey recipe that will leave you wanting for more is the “Pavochon.” Pavochon is a combined word (pavo+lechon). Pavo means turkey and lechon means roasted pig. It is called Pavochon because Puerto Ricans cook the turkey the same way they cook the roasted pig. You may find the pavochon recipe here in

If you want to stuff the turkey, you have to do it with “Mofongo” which is made of green plantains. Here is one of the many recipes, click (mofongo). This delicious turkey, stuffed with mofongo, would be best served with “arroz con gandules” (rice with pigeon peas), again click (here ) and you will find one of the many versions for this recipe.



A great Thanksgiving dinner without dessert its not complete. Puerto Ricans love sweets and they have a variety of ways to prove it. The list of desserts could take pages, but here are two of boricua’s favorites.  Flan, its very common in Puerto Rico all year long. Puerto Ricans love flan so much that it now comes in many other flavors.  The basic “Flan recipe ” its a vanilla custard yummy dessert with caramelize sugar on top (Click here for the recipe).The other favorite its “tembleque”. Tembleque its a coconut pudding decorated with a splash of cinnamon, (click here) and open up your senses for one of the many versions of this recipe.

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The richness and intense flavors of Puerto Rican cuisine provide us with many options of side dishes that are also cooked during the holidays. Just like the American tradition, we also love to celebrate with a table full of options, so many, that could leave you with leftovers for a week.


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