Expert Tips Help Consumers Avoid Overpaying for Gym Memberships

retro fitness discount-gym-memberships-lose-weight-fitnessAt this time of year, many have made a New Year’s resolution to lose weight and get in shape. But for some, that could come with a price when it comes to joining a gym or health club. One gym owner offers some healthy advice to help avoid paying too much for that membership.

“Consumers commonly join gyms for the wrong reasons. While they all have the same goal of leading a healthier lifestyle, many join what seems like their most convenient gym option or become members of a club based off their group of friends. These factors are okay to keep in consideration, however the ultimate decision should be based on the core amenities you plan to utilize in conjunction with the cost of membership,” said Eric Casaburi, CEO and founder of Retro Fitness, a leading national low-cost, high-value fitness chain.

retro fitness discount-gym-memberships-lose-weight-fitness

Casaburi’s Retro Fitness Gym

Gym memberships come in many different options, with a variety of amenities and monthly fees. This is an area where cutting back each month could make a huge difference.

Casaburi suggests the following tips as a guide to help evaluate gym memberships and find the best choice at the lowest rate:

Determine Your Cost per Workout: Take the number of times you work out each month and divide it by the cost you are paying per month. If you only go a few times a month and are paying a hefty fee, it might be time to consider joining a new gym.

Compare and Contrast Multiple Gyms: Call multiple local gyms to ask about the costs and benefits available to members. Gyms frequently run promotions at the beginning of the month. Plus, gym management will likely match a local competitor’s rate or waive the enrollment fee. Also, take advantage of free trials to explore various gyms and see which best suits you.

Reflect on Your Needs vs. Wants: Some gyms have more amenities than you could count on two hands. On paper, that looks great, but take a step back and determine which amenities you will actually use. If you see yourself only using a few of the amenities, perhaps a smaller gym is a better option for you over a big-box club.

Make Sure Amenities Are Available When You Need Them: Some gyms reserve their basketball courts for local park district teams or will rent out the pool at night for parties. If you plan on using amenities like these often, be sure to look into this. Also, if you select a gym for its live classes, ensure the schedule aligns with your availability. If you find yourself faced with scheduling conflicts, chances are that you are not taking full advantage of your membership.

Check Employer and Healthcare Discounts: Some workplaces partner with gyms to offer a discount to employees. Seek insight from your Human Resources department to see if there are any health and wellness programs. Also, some health insurance packages offer a discount with specific gyms if you meet certain attendance requirements.

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