HLN News Live Stream Online and Television Covers George Zimmerman Trial

HLN News Live Stream Online and Television Covers George Zimmerman Trial

Rachel Jeantel takes the witness stand in Zimmerman trial

For the millions currently following the George Zimmerman trial, the HLN News live stream of online and television coverage is exceeding expectations. As they have done with other high profile trials, including Jodi Arias, the sister station of CNN is providing complete live and recorded coverage of the Zimmerman trial.

For internet and mobile device users, HLN is streaming the live internet video of the trial online. Meanwhile, for the television audience, HLN is broadcasting the trial live, and when they break for commercials, they record the court proceedings, and replay them so viewers do not miss a minute of the trial.

Watch George Zimmerman trial live online streaming video here: (The video window may take a moment to load.)

The last 2 days of HLN Zimmerman trial coverage has seen the attorneys focus on questions for the major witness in the trial, Rachel Jeantel. Jeantel was a friend of Trayvon Martin, the victim in the murder case. Jeantel has been on the witness stand as she was on the phone with Martin during parts of the altercation with Zimmerman which resulted in his death.

Live video from HLN and other news outlets will almost certainly continue over the next several weeks as the courtroom drama plays out. In yet another example of how the internet and mobile device technology has transformed our society, every moment of the Zimmerman and other high profile trials are captured and streamed online to us everywhere we go.

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