Innovative ‘Sugr Cube’ Wi-Fi Speaker could be the Next Evolution of Portable Music

Innovative ‘Sugr Cube’ Wi-Fi Speaker could be the Next Evolution of Portable MusicWhile the advent of the iPod, and now mobile phones, forever changed the way we carry and listen to music, a new innovation in portable Wi-Fi speaker technology looks to be the next big game changer.

A number of wireless speakers let consumers play music from their mobile phones and devices, and streaming services like Pandora let people stream their favorite songs over Wi-Fi connections. But a new device dubbed the Sugr Cube combines the benefits of all of this into a single device.

A glossy wood, modern, minimalist design, describes the powerful new Wi-Fi speaker called Sugr Cube. But the device is much more than just a wireless speaker.

The Sugr Cube can be used to stream online music or Internet radio via Wi-Fi. While smartphones can be used to control the device remotely, the Cube also works perfectly even when smartphones are switched off.

There are no buttons to press with the device as it streams music with the highest quality using touch and gesture only to control music playback. When not using a smartphone or other mobile device, all control is achieved naturally with motion: just tap it, flip it and tilt it.

Users can transfer their favorite music from iOS, Android, PC and Mac devices to Sugr Cube which supports iTunes music, Pandora, BBC radio and Douban FM.

Additionally, users can share music and playlists simultaneously with friends’ cube anywhere in the world with a simple companion app.

Sugr Cube should become available in July 2015 and the company is currently close to reaching thier funding goal on Kickstarter which closes in mid-February. Details are available on their web site at:

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