International Competition uses Space Science Data to Develop Space Apps

International Competition uses Space Science Data to Develop Space Apps   An international competition based on an initiative of the U.S. Open Government National Action Plan, aims to challenge innovation in software development which will ultimately showcase the impact scientists and citizens can have by working together to solve challenging problems that affect every person on Earth.

The competition, International Space Apps Challenge, will take place on April 21-22 with events being held around the world in places including San Francisco; Exeter, U.K.; Melbourne, Australia; Sao Paulo; Nairobi, Kenya; Jakarta, Indonesia; Tokyo; McMurdo Station, Antarctica; and the International Space Station.

The space science apps competition makes use of openly available data collected by space agencies around the world and creates a competitive environment among groups of developers and teams to create innovative solutions to longstanding global challenges.

“We are excited to convene the International Space Apps Challenge as one of the U.S. commitments to the Open Government Partnership to explore new ways that open space data can help the planet and further space exploration,” said Deborah Diaz, deputy chief information officer at NASA Headquarters in Washington.

A list of the challenges which the teams will target is being assembled. Using this list the teams will compete with others around the world to design innovative solutions.

“The International Space Apps Challenge is a fantastic opportunity for individuals around the world to create new ways to use space-derived data to save lives, transform industries, and connect us more deeply with our world,” said Michael Green, general manager of the Australian Government’s Space Policy Unit. “Space applications technology underpins critical sectors such as navigation, communications, emergency management, agriculture and climate science.”

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