NASA Announces “Global Selfie” Earth Day Celebration Event

NASA Announces "Global Selfie" Earth Day Celebration Event

For this upcoming 2014 Earth Day, NASA has announced a “Global Selfie” event. The selfie event is part of a celebration of a milestone by the space agency which announced that, for the first time in more than a decade, it will launch five Earth-observing missions in a single year.

NASA would like people all over the planet to step outside on Earth Day, April 22, take a “selfie,” in their local environment, and share it with the world on social media. The agency hopes to encourage environmental awareness and recognize the agency’s ongoing work to protect our home planet.

Participants are asked to post their photos on Earth Day on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google+ and Flickr. Individuals should use the hashtag #GlobalSelfie or post to the #GlobalSelfie Facebook event page. NASA will monitor the social media sites and also use the #GlobalSelfie Flickr group to create a crowd-sourced mosaic image of Earth – a new “Blue Marble” built bit-by-bit with #GlobalSelfie photos.

NASA currently has 17 Earth science missions in orbit which have been used by scientists to piece together a detailed “global selfie” of our planet every day.

“Insights from these space-based views help answer some of the critical challenges facing our planet today and in the future: climate change, sea level rise, freshwater resources, and extreme weather events. NASA Earth research also yields many down-to-earth benefits, such as improved environmental prediction and natural hazard and climate change preparedness.”

To get additional information on getting involved in the #GlobalSelfie Earth Day event, go online to:

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