Online Odds Posted Regarding the Future of Peyton Manning and John Fox

Online Odds Posted Regarding the Future of Peyton Manning and John FoxIn the wake of the Denver Bronco’s loss to the Colts over the weekend, and the news that John Fox has stepped down as head coach, citing a mutual decision between Fox and the organization, the future of Peyton Manning and Fox is a question taking center stage in the sports world.

Without question, manning is one of the greatest players in NFL history, and will surely find himself in the Hall of Fame after retirement, but what happens next season for the soon to be thirty-nine year old quarterback?

Online Odds Posted Regarding the Future of Peyton Manning and John Fox
Odds makers in the sports world are already posting the odds on the futures of both Manning and Fox. Below we have included in this article the odds, posted by, on a variety of topics related to questions related to the future of Peyton Manning, John Fox, and the Denver Broncos.

“There is no doubt that Peyton Manning is one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time,” stated Spokesman Geoff Johnson, “the speculation about what’s next will be the top story throughout the offseason.”

Has Peyton Manning played his final NFL game? Will the Denver Broncos be willing to pay the nineteen million guaranteed dollars owed to Manning if he is still on the team when the 2015 season begins in March? Long considered a coach on the field, will it become official with the title of player-coach? Will he join the ranks of former NFL players in the TV analyst booth? Will John Fox get another coaching job in 2015?

Here are the Odds on the future for Peyton Manning, John Fox:

2015-16 NFL season odds:
• Odds that Manning plays for Broncos: 3/4
• Odds that Manning retires from NFL: 11/10
• Odds that Manning coaches the Broncos in 2015-16: 1000/1
• Odds that Manning plays for another NFL team: 22/1

General future odds:
• Odds that Manning becomes an NFL coach: 15/1
• Odds that Manning becomes a college coach: 33/1
• Odds that Manning becomes a broadcaster/TV analyst: 3/1
• Odds that Manning becomes a regular cast member on Saturday Night Live: 50/1
• Odds that Manning has a one-man show on Broadway: 60/1
• Odds that Manning starts his own commercial production company: 25/1
• Odds that Manning begins a movie career: 65/1
• Odds that Manning stars in a pilot on television: 100/1
• Odds that Manning records a rap album with Eli: 120/1

Odds that John Elway …
• Coaches the Broncos himself in 2015-16: 100/1
• Returns to quarterback the Broncos in 2015-16: 10000/1

Odds to be the head coach of the Denver Broncos in 2015-16:
• Adam Gase: 4/1
• Dan Quinn: 5/1
• Todd Bowles: 6/1
• Jack Del Rio: 8/1
• Mike Shanahan: 8/1

Odds of John Fox coaching the following teams in 2015-16:
• Chicago Bears: 1/2
• New York Jets: 8/1
• San Francisco 49ers: 10/1
• Atlanta Falcons: 10/1
• New York Giants: 15/1

Odds on what John Fox will do next year if he’s not an NFL head coach:
• NFL OC: 2/1
• NFL DC: 3/1
• TV Analyst: 6/1
• Full-time philanthropist: 15/1

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