Packers Fall to Chiefs, Tim Tebow and Broncos’ streak stopped by Patriots

tim tebow denver broncosIn the NFL today the mighty have fallen. For the Green Bay Packers, their hope for a perfect 16-0 season ended today with an unlikely loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. For Denver Broncos fans and the Tim Tebow faithful, today’s loss to the New England Patriots ended the miraculous winning streak which has been at the forefront of sports shows and other media outlets.

The day started with discussion among the sports analysts about whether Green Bay should rest team stars like Aaron Rogers to avoid injury as the team continues toward another trip to the Super Bowl. However, the Kansas City Chiefs ended all of the discussion by knocking the Packers out of contention for a perfect season.

The unexpected loss to the Chiefs may be a blessing in a way. With the perfect season issue now put to rest, the Packers can focus on their primary goal. As Rogers put it, during an interview after the loss. The perfect season 16-0 would be nice, but what it really important for the team is winning the Super Bowl.

Perhaps the hottest topic in sports recently has centered around the fourth quarter comeback winning streak of the Denver Broncos, led by Tim Tebow. Tebow’s devout faith and performance on the field have led to a lot of speculation and discussion.

While some had said the Tebow had no business as an NFL quarterback, his performance under pressure in recent weeks has changed the minds of many.

Today, in their game against the Patriots, the Broncos were not able to rally another late comeback win. Scoring early and taking the lead, the Broncos were virtually silent through the second quarter as the Patriots took the lead going in at half time.

Tim Tebow and the Broncos may not have won in the end today, but it is obvious that he indeed possess the skills, drive and calm focus under pressure that are the earmarks of a quality NFL quarterback.

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