“STEM Journals” Educational TV Series Begins Third Season

"STEM Journals" Educational TV Series Begins Third Season This Sunday April 13, award winning educational television series “STEM Journals,” will begin its 3rd season airing at 7 p.m. (Arizona time) on Cox channels 7/1007 in Arizona. The educational show is produced by Cox Creative Studios and can also be viewed online via a video stream from http://www.cox7.com/live.

Well known for his role as the star of the Science Channel’s “Meteorite Men,” Geoff Notkin is the host of “STEM Journals,” as show which examines how engineers and inventors apply STEM (science technology engineering and math) related skills and knowledge to exciting sporting activities.

In the season 3 opener, the sports investigated include mountain biking, snow skiing, and auto racing, to name a few and will cover STEM topics such as nanotechnology, social insects, and atmospheric sciences.

The show is a perfect platform to help engage students in STEM areas of study by making the topics of science, technology, engineering and math interesting and exciting.

“The new season of ‘STEM Journals’ covers such a broad canvas of topics, it will certainly appeal to all viewers with an interest in science and tech-related
subjects,” says Notkin. “We journey from the teeny world of nanotech, through the hives of social insects, into Arizona’s world-famous Meteor Crater, down one of America’s most celebrated ski slopes, and eventually to the very edge of space. It was a heck of a ride.”

To help relate the show and its topics to a youthful audience, Notkin is joined in each episode by a ‘Youth STEM Investigator’ who asks questions and helps make topics relatable.

Encore showings air at 9 p.m. Sunday and 8 p.m. Tuesday, available On DEMAND in the FreeZone on Cox Cable, and can be streamed to mobile devices using the Cox7 app for iOS and Android, and on the Roku® streaming box. Additionally, viewers can watch full episodes and video clips at any time online from http://www.cox7.com/stem-journals.

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