Thousands use Twitter to Fight Gum Disease during Awareness Month

Thousands use Twitter to Fight Gum Disease during Awareness Month With February being designated at Gum Disease Awareness Month, it seems appropriate to talk about the disease and the other potential health risks that come with it. According to statistics, roughly 85% of the population is affected by gum disease which can be linked to dozens of life-threatening ailments like Cancer and Heart Disease.

Gum disease or, as your dentist refers to it, Periodontal disease is a painless bacterial infection that can often go completely undetected or ignored until severe gum and bone destruction takes over.

Of the large percentage of people who have gum disease, many are often afraid to undergo traditional gum surgery and choose to suffer rather than endure treatment.

This could have disastrous results as recent research points to a link with numerous health conditions including heart disease, stroke, and even certain cancers.

To help spread the word and educate the public, during February, thirty-six governors have declared official awareness months.

Additionally, thousands of doctors are showing strong support for this important cause, and the social media world is taking notice with nearly 20,000 followers joining the crusade @fightgumdisease.

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