Viewers can Watch NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship Game Online and via Mobile Devices

Viewers can Watch NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship Game Online and via Mobile DevicesAfter the weekend of the Final Four, the stage it set for Monday night’s final match in the NCAA Men’s Basketball championship. In addition to the television audience, millions will also be able to watch the NCAA championship game live online thanks to the NCAA.

If this weekend was any indication, the NCAA final game between Michigan and Louisville is sure to be a close battle. In their final four win over Wichita State, Louisville trailed until the final minutes of the game when they stages a dramatic comeback.

Similarly, Michigan won their bid for the finals in dramatic fashion holding off the Orange Men of Syracuse. Now Louisville and Michigan will battle for the rights to be called number one in Monday night’s NCAA championship game.

To allow fans away from their televisions too enjoy the game, as they have throughout the March Madness, the web site offers mobile and online users a way to watch the game live over the internet. The special web site, dedicated to the NCAA Championship, allows fans to watch the games play out live online. Additionally, for smart phone and tablet users, the site also provides apps to download to watch live coverage of the big game.

Viewers, both via television and online, can tune in to watch the NCAA Championship Game scheduled for a tip-off just after 9PM eastern time on Monday night.

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