Watch George Zimmerman Trial Live via Online Streaming Video and HLN Television

Watch George Zimmerman Trial Live via Online Streaming Video and HLN TelevisionMoving into the third day of Jury selection, viewers tune in to watch the George Zimmerman trial live. Whether via streaming online video or on HLN television, technology is making the trial coverage available for all to see. Along with HLN live television coverage, various media outlets are rebroadcasting the live online video coming from the courtroom in Sanford Florida.

Watch the George Zimmerman live online video of the murder trial below: (The video window may take a moment to load, and will appear as a test screen when court is not in session.)

Today, the live video of the Zimmerman trial will cover the third of what may be several more days of Jury selection. Analysts believe that trying to find an impartial jury in such a high profile case could take the case into next week.

As with several high profile court cases, HLN has led the way with complete live video coverage for its viewers. Complementing this, especially helpful for mobile device users, has been the online video feeds allowing individuals on the go to watch the trials live as well.

George Zimmerman currently faces second-degree murder charges for the shooting of Trayvon Martin in 2012. Zimmerman is claiming self defense in the shooting. According to Zimmerman, he was being beaten by Martin when he used his gun to save himself. The truth is unclear, and the prosecution will likely argue that Zimmerman was pursuing Martin and was the aggressor in the case.

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